If you need to know a little more about me you gotta know that I love time on the ranch with my little family, photographing every little memory….

Q: What kind of Ranch do you have?

A: We have just under 1,000 head of cattle. A great day is working along side of my husband fencing, working cattle or just any random chore.

Q: If you could have any other job what would it be?

A: If I wasn’t a photographer or ranch wife I’d be a teacher, I think kids are amazing. Or wait maybe a nurse, they are such wonderful people and so hard working!

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I looove anything to do with chocolate and caramel! Rarely do I pass on dessert.


Q: What is your personality like?

A: I’m always looking to find the humor in life and love comedy. I used to be pretty shy I guess, my parents (who are singers) could never get me to sing in front of people as a kid- even though I loved singing. I hate attention and this large photo of me!! I used to be a sprinter in Track & Field- anytime I had to be on top the podium I felt embarrassed for some reason.

My photo career has gotten me to practice being open and myself the first time meeting someone - I’m not always outgoing but try to be!

Q: Did you know you where going to be a photographer growing up?

A: As a kid I was always playing outside, catching frogs, riding our sheep and jumping on the trampoline to music, coming up with dance routines with my sisters, I also had photo-shoots where they were my models, my mom was always buying me those disposable cameras. I had a great imagination, and owned many pretend businesses back then. It is kind of fun having one for real now.


My MAIN GOAL is to work hard to please my clients, I’d do anything, go anywhere & try my best to over deliver. I like my client to have a great experience and have fun while shooting with me. I’m interactive and playful with family, senior sessions, and before wedding shots. During ceremonies I like to hang back out of the way and use my telephoto to get in close. I never want to be in the way or be bossy. I have my session planned out enough before hand that everyone is on the same page!


Work Experience

Designer & Retoucher since 2009

Photographer since 2014