Mini Sessions in Spring by Loni Judisch near Conrad, MT


I love to make photography affordable for all at least once per year. This year in 2019, I’m choosing spring due to by full fall weekends i have ahead of me. I hope everyone can make it, it really is the biggest bang for your buck and so easy for kids and dad’s who hate their photos taken. exact location will be TBS but will be near Conrad, MT or Shelby, MT. Not from around those parts? Drive up, and send a day! Both towns have local Drives- Ins and wonderful little places to eat -also, fun little coffee shops, gift shops as well as vintage second hand shops to find antiques!!

Where ever I choose will have a few tree and some tall golden grasses. I will post in my instagram stories tips for great outfit choices!!! I will let everyone know the address a few days ahead! Can’t wait :)


Loni Judisch