What to do when you hear " I don't care about Senior Pictures, Mom." by Loni Judisch near Conrad, MT

I hear it time and time again, It’s usually the guys saying, ” I’m doing this for my mom, or I really don’t care what we do for pics'“. Well I call B.S (pardon me), but it’s true! I’m sure they care if they look good, if they are posed naturally and I’m sure they don’t want to be wearing a wrinkly a tee, a rainbow headband and high-water jeans …. well you get it.

What do they mean by, “I don’t care.”? I think what they mean is they DON’T want it to be hours long, they don’t care maybe what day or what time they are super opinionated on what they wear but they sure as heck want to look DECENT!

I also think it is important that they know a senior session can be tailored to who they are. My husband told his mom this years ago…”I DON”T CARE” and it resulted in an indoor session that was totally NOT him. I asked him again if he’d rather have taken his picture on his ranch, by the first corner he ever built, the first tractor he ever operated, with his dog and his shotgun…. he said, '‘OF COURSE!!’ that would’ve been way more what I would've wanted.

This is why I ask your kiddo what they want, I help them get creative when they have no ideas and we come up with something they are excited about.

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We shot on farms, the small towns, the mountains just to name a few here.

We shot on farms, the small towns, the mountains just to name a few here.

Loni Judisch